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Overcome barriers next summer! Use your skills in an IT Internship with MAF!

Is God Calling You Into Career Missions Service as an IT Professional? Check out MAF’s Information Technology job listings.

Your I.T. Skills, gifts, and training are needed right now to solve problems for missionaries and national church leaders around the world. “… there are varieties of ministries, and the same Lord… God has placed the members, each one of them, in the body, just as He desired” (I Cor. 12:5,18). God wants to deploy your technical abilities on the front lines of His redemptive work among the nations. MAF’s e-mail network links missionaries, national church leaders, and relief/development workers in areas not served by the “worldwide” Internet – usually not by telephone lines, often not even by electricity! Those we serve, as well as MAF, need your assistance next summer.

Requirements for Internship:

  • Willingness to serve the risen LORD wherever He leads.
  • Flexibility to adapt to cultures very different from your own.
  • Grasp hardware & troubleshooting.
  • Skill with serial communications, particularly dialup modems.
  • Ability to independently pursue key solutions in adverse circumstances.
  • Willingness to invite prayer and financial ministry partners to participate in God’s work through you.
  • 1 year Unix system experience (preferably Red Hat Linux).
  • Experience with low-level Internet configuration and troubleshooting.


The next internships are scheduled for the summer of 2008. The deadline for sending in your application is December 1, 2007.

For more Information, contact the IT Recruiting Department:
[email protected]

Here’s what other Interns have said:

“It was so awesome to see God work through Aaron, me, and the other Interns that MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) sent to the four other locations…Not only that, but I was using the skills God has given me to do a specific task.”

Daniel, Biola University

“All in all, this has been a very good experience for me. When I left Redlands, I knew that I would have lots of interesting experiences, and boy was I right. I wasn’t sure how things would go, especially since this is the first time MAF has done this, but it worked out very well…. I hope that many other people will be blessed through this program as I have.”

Matt, LeTourneau University