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Satellite Phone Information/Providers (MAFLink) – Click here to learn about satellite phone services and some recommended dealers and products.

 – “Partners in Technology International.” Pactec exists to support a nation’s effort to build the capacity of its leaders to relieve human suffering. Pactec is a humanitarian subsidiary of MAF.

 – Providing Disaster relief, international development, business model development, and training. Drastic specializes in VSAT Communications.

 – HumaniNet is a nonprofit organization that supports humanitarian relief and development field teams with practical assistance in global information and communication technologies, or ICT.

 – Mobile Satellite Users Association. Nonprofit association to promote the interests of users of mobile satellite communications worldwide. News about satellite service providers.

 – Information and directory of satellite services. “Technical comparisons between satellite systems, handset and systems cost comparisons, LEO, MEO, GEO satellite systems and glossary, Satellite

Christian Missions & Technology

International Conference on Computers and Missions (ICCM) – An annual informal (NO ties allowed!) gathering of women and men who have a common interest in computers and mission.

International Christian Technologist Association (ICTA) – An array of IT resources to quietly serve cross-cultural ministry efforts. ICTA’s aim is to assist cross-cultural ministries focused on those with little or no access to the message and love of Jesus.

OSCAR – (from their website) `One Stop Centre for Advice and Resources’. If you’re involved or interested in missionary or Christian work overseas, OSCAR is your gateway to useful UK related information, advice and resources.

Computer Support

Missionary Tech Support – Written for missionaries on how to repair and maintain your computer in remote locations. Free PC Seminar (2001) in both text and html versions. Tech links, file downloads, FAQs and Windows XP “Remote Assistance Wizard”.

Radio & Wireless

Network Start-up Resource Center – Nonprofit organization involved with the deployment and integration of appropriate networking technology in projects throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Oceania.

Bern Radio – Provider of short wave data services in many parts of the world.

Bushnet – Provides HF data services throughout Africa.

Radio & Wireless

MAFLink – How to evaluate your best option for remote communications.